Just got the necklace. It's perfect!! I love it!! I've been looking for two years for what you have made. Thank you.

- Jane

I really love the necklace. It’s beautiful. You are a gifted, talented artist and I love your work.

- Susan

The necklace you adjusted for me post-Hyde Park fair arrived in mail yesterday. The length is perfect. I put it on this morning and my husband, who doesn’t much pay attention to jewelry, said, “Wow!” It’s great to have met you and hope you’ll return to the fair in years to come.

- Gert

The Black and Druzy Crystal Necklace is a beautiful work of art and falls perfectly, very happy. Thank you!

- Michelle

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- Angela

I was super excited to get the necklaces, but I was absolutely delighted to the see the awesome work of my good friend. I’m so excited to see you following a dream! Everything was so YOU! The beautiful boxes with the perfectly tied ribbon, the personal note on the invoice copy, & of course the lovely necklaces-amazing! I love them!

- Karen