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Announcing the totally bobbi Collection!

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Since bobbi kahn design jewelry began, I’ve designed and created only one-of-a-kind jewelry. I’ve prided myself on crafting each piece to look like no other in my collection. Throughout the years however, I’ve learned that certain pieces are admired and desired by many people and frankly, it seems a shame to deprive them of pieces they really want simply because they’ve been purchased by another admirer.

Enter a brilliant concept. Here’s my solution to this issue which will enable my customers to have what they want: I’ve compiled a collection of those highly sought-after pieces that I will reproduce and make available on an ongoing basis. I call this collection, totally bobbi, and you’re totally going to love it!



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My totally bobbi collection brings together many of my most popular designs which will remain available even while I continue to bring to life new one-of-a-kind pieces. So now you can indulge in bobbi kahn design jewelry the way you want: With one-of-a-kind pieces or the popular favorites in totally bobbi.

Each piece in the totally bobbi collection is a unique design originally created by me, then replicated to meet demand. totally bobbi includes a wide variety of styles and materials:

  • totally bobbi pearl
  • totally bobbi lapis
  • totally bobbi turquoise
  • totally bobbi black
  • totally bobbi jasper
  • totally bobbi metals
  • totally bobbi purple