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How Can I look Funky without Looking Clunky

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How Can I look Funky without Looking Clunky

Hello, Bobbi Kahn-ers. It's Barb Mason, the creative energy behind Bobbi Kahn Design Jewelry, where everything is funky, chunky and fabulously hip.

I was attending a business lunch and I getting dressed. I had a little bit of a dilemma. I thought about fashion do's and don'ts because they weighed in on my decision about how to accessorize. I knew I would be wearing a beautiful pale blue sweater and I knew I wanted to wear these freshwater pearls which I can wear either clasp in back, in the sort of traditional way, or I can put it clasp front in a little bit more of a funky contemporary way.

I knew I wanted to wear these peacock freshwater pearls because they bring out the blue in the pearl and in the sweater. I'm wearing white pants. I thought, oh, it's not Memorial Day which is an old school way of thinking. Another guide date is Easter but I'm Jewish so Easter isn't really my benchmark. Then I realized that really I wear white whenever the sun shines. In the middle of winter I wear white pants. I really think that using a date "rule" for white is a convention to be ignored. I will admit, I don't wear linen unless it's hot. Any color linen, white, any color. I think linen is really a summer fabric, just like I think wool is a winter fabric.

One convention I still follow is coordinating my shoes and my belt.  I was putting on a silver belt and decided that silver shoes were going to be the choice. I'm not going to switch and add a silver purse because who has time to do that? I don't think there's anything wrong with it either. I'm just lazy. I love it when all three: shoes, belt and purse coordinate.

Another fashion question that comes up a lot is whether we should match our necklace, bracelet and earrings or if matchy matchy is a no-no. And I can only tell you that my general opinion about any of this stuff is, nothing is wrong or right if it A: pleases you and B: you feel great in it. I'm really for you doing whatever you want but matching is not my personal preference. I love things that coordinate and so you would find something that kind of goes with it but isn't an exact match. I almost always just wear diamond studs. I'm not a earring changer. I'm not one to match, but I understand that when you're time pressed, which so many of you are out there, that matching it all is just a time saver. It's just one less thing to think about. It's like, when I wear this necklace, I always wear this outfit, these earrings, this bracelet. Boom, you're done. You look great and feel great.

I'm not really a fashion rule follower beyond the fact that when you put yourself together, as long as you feel great, that means you present yourself great and it's super fun. I coordinate my belt and my shoes maybe and that's about it and the rest is all about feeling wonderful.

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