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How Can I START Wearing Statement Jewelry, Without Scaring My Friends?

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You want to start wearing funkier, chunkier, more fabulously hip statement jewelry, but you're afraid you're going to scare your friends. One customer told me that wearing bolder statement jewelry was on her bucket list. I have met three women in May that told me this was a goal of theirs and together we made that goal a reality. Each customer chose a different starter piece.  Each one expressed themselves uniquely.  And all three look and feel bolder and more confident.

When I design collections, I always try to include at least one piece that is a "gateway" piece. It's for the person who says, "Boy, I'm usually most comfortable with a small circle on a chain, something very unobtrusive, but I'd really like to try wearing something a little bit more bold, a little bigger statement." And so there's always going to be one piece available that would be an easy transition. It will be bolder than your circle on a chain, but not so bold as to make you feel uncomfortable or scare your friends. Here is an example of the "gateway" piece from the "Made from Recycled Records" collection. 

I had a conversation at another show where the customer was afraid. She loved some of the pieces that she was trying on, but thought, "Oh my gosh, if I wear that, people are going to be like, who do you think you are? What are you trying to do?" Sometimes, once you say the fear you are feeling, it kills it. She realized she didn't care what others thought.  She wanted to go bolder and knew this piece, from the "Black Jewelry" Collection looked great and made the statement she was going for.

The third customer, we went through several pieces. She in fact started by looking at some of the smaller scale pieces in my collections and then I said, "Hey, just for fun, let's just try on some of these more bold pieces. Let's just see what you think. Let's see how you feel, and then we can always go back to the original piece you were attracted to, and that'll be a big enough transition." After we did that, she said, "I'll never go back. There's no way I'm buying that small piece. I want to go big or go home." And she bought a piece that looked similar to this one from the "One of a Kind" collection.

These are all the ways that you can comfortably make that transition into more funky, more chunky, more fabulously hip statement, jewelry. You can dip your toe in with a piece like this from the Pearl Jewelry Collection Or you can go big or go home with a dramatic piece of statement jewelry. Remember that when you love what you're wearing, it will show.