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JewelBox: The next best thing to being there!

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JewelBox: The next best thing to being there!

I miss seeing you sooooooo much. It’s been WAY too long. Not too long ago, we took even the simplest things for granted, like hugs, family dinners, going to the movies and shopping with our besties. Like me, maybe you’ve made a promise to yourself to appreciate all of these things even more, once we’re ‘free’ to go back to life as normal. I have a hunch ‘normal’ as we once knew it will be changed forever. I’m a pretty gracious person, and I know how blessed I am to have so many loving relationships and abundance in my life. But I took some of that for granted, especially the social connections. Going forward I promise to be more appreciative and respectful of those freedoms and blessings.

Like many artists and jewelry designers, my business model was built on traveling the country, to share my work at the finest festivals and art shows. I’ve been blessed to have met so many of my amazing customers and collectors at many of these live events. And as a collector, you know there is no substitute for seeing a piece in real life… holding it in your hands, experiencing the tactile, dimensional qualities of a piece of jewelry. There is nothing exactly like that experience. No matter how crisp and clean my photos are, or how many adjectives I use to describe a piece on my website, that in-person experience is special. It’s everything really.

Meeting you face-to-face, answering your questions about the piece or where the materials came from...this is not just business, this is how lifelong friendships are born, and relationships are formed. We’re all missing this right now. Trying on a necklace, looking in the mirror and asking your girlfriend, spouse, or me “how does this look?”. There is no replacement for this personal interaction. We need this right now, and I realize this. And while I cannot come to you in person just yet, I may have the next best thing. It’s called the JewelBox.

Here’s how it works…

1. Pour a fave beverage

2. shop online and check out

3. return anything you don't want for FREE!

Or, skip the ambiance, and head straight to my shop. Scroll through the collections, and grab anything that catches your eye or piques your interest. If you think you might love it, but maybe you want to try it on first? Just grab it and drop it in your cart. Not sure if that necklace goes with your new blouse? No worries…add it to your cart. Don’t hesitate. Don’t worry or question yourself. Just drop it in your cart and complete your purchase.

In just a few short days, you’ll receive your JewelBox, with everything you ordered, ready to try on in the comfort of your own home. Included in your box you’ll find a little surprise ‘thank you’ gift, and paid return shipping label.

Now, are you craving some fun, shopping time with your besties? Invite them to a Zoom or FaceTime call, pour a glass of champagne and try on your pieces for them. Put on your favorite lipstick and imagine your girls are standing next to you at an art show, or at Nordstrom. Try on each piece and let them help you decide what to keep and what to return.

Or, just shop solo if that’s your jam. Whatever works for you, either way, take your time. Try on the pieces with different outfits, in different lighting, hair up or hair down. Shop (from home) ‘til you drop, and return anything you don’t love… shipping on me.

Okay, are you ready for some retail therapy? Head on over to my shop now to get started building your JewelBox and then schedule a ‘date’ with your friends today!