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Pearls. A Timeless American Treasure. Just Ask Jackie!

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Pearls. They are classic and timeless. Just ask Jackie! Better yet, join me at Fashion Matters Chicago, Saturday March 7, for: Timeless Style from Jackie - An American Treasure. Fashion Matters Chicago was founded in 2014, to study the relationship between culture and fashion to promote the dignity of women through fashion.

“We want every woman to have a proud understanding and

humble pride of the innate dignity she possesses…”

I’ll be there showcasing my newest pearl pieces, along with my popular Pearl Girl Collection. In support of the Fashion Matters mission, and inspired by Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ signature 2-strand pearl necklace, I’ve designed a modern and slightly updated version of the old classic, and it’s going to be raffled off at the event! You can grab your tickets HERE!


Without question, pearls are very versatile and quite frankly, the Jackie-esque double-strand never goes out of style. But what style exactly? Is it enough to just play it safe and throw on your best “real” or even imitation strand of pearls? I mean, it does go with pretty much anything. And while some people prefer pearls only in the warmer months, to pair with lighter colors, you really can wear them any time of year. And so, I struggle with the notion that pearls have to be conservative and serious. Do they really? Can’t you take a classic beauty and redefine it to fit your own unique style?

You know me, and I think I know you. Us Bobbi-Kahners are all about “funky, chunky and fabulously hip” jewelry. Fantastic, amazing women who are not shy about expressing themselves. Women who prefer to shine with their own unique style rather than camouflage into the masses. Do YOUR pearls represent YOU and your inner beauty?

I’m willing to bet you have a strand of pearls sitting in your jewelry box right now, gathering dust. Maybe they were a gift, or maybe you inherited them from your mom or grandmother. Maybe once in a while, you pull them out, thinking they might be the perfect accessory to go with that flirty sundress or silky sweater, only to think “bleh” and put them back into dark solitude. Too sentimental to toss, not “you” enough to wear. Guess what my friends, you’re not alone, and there’s a solution to satisfy your objections... it’s called an Heirloom Update!

More and more of my clients are coming to me with their strand of pearls, and together we’re redesigning the beautiful (but plain) strand into one or more pieces that are fresh, updated and something that will actually see the light of day rather than be tucked away in a box. Are you with me?

Imagine turning a single strand of pearls into one or more pieces you’ll love wearing every day, and that represent your own personality and style? Together you and I will design something amazing, and fabulous. We’ll give new life to that heirloom, and it will have even more meaning. Here are a few recent redesigns to get your creative juices flowing.

Before                                                                              After











Are you ready to start your Heirloom Redesign? You can reach me HERE to start the conversation, or better yet, come see me on Saturday, March 7, at Fashion Matters Chicago, and we can chat face-to-face! Would love to meet you there!