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Mid-Summer Check-in

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How are you feeling? I gotta be honest, I’m struggling a little. All of my art shows for the summer have been canceled, and I don’t expect I’ll be doing any shows for the rest of 2020. When my shows were initially canceled, I thought the greatest impact would be financial, but a few months into this pandemic, I’m seeing a deeper, emotional effect. I never fully realized how much I enjoyed, and needed, the social interaction at these shows.

I miss chatting, playing and trying on jewelry with you. I miss helping you find the perfect piece, for that outfit. I miss laughing and joking. I miss the budding and lasting friendships. I miss our hugs. If we met before at another show, I can promise I’d give you a ginormous hug when you visit my booth again. But all of this is gone.

I’m feeling sad, lonely and disconnected. I miss people and I miss our personal connection. While I’ve been home, not on the road traveling to shows, I’ve been thinking of you and wondering how you’re doing? What have you been doing to satisfy that need for connection and socializing?

In-person shows are not in the cards right now. But I still NEED to be social, so I’m doing a few other things to satisfy my social butterfly itch…


 Two unique pieces shipping off in a JewelBox!

  • My JewelBoxes are a great way to get yummy jewelry, AND your social fix at the same time. We get together via Zoom, and chat about what you need or what outfit/blouse you’re trying to accessorize. I pull out the pieces I think might work for you, and together we decide what to ship in YOUR personalized JewelBox. When you receive it, try everything on, keep what you like and send the rest back, shipping on me. Easy peasy! It’s a super fun way to connect and to bring you all the funky, chunky and fabulously hip style you crave. 
  • We’re also doing Zoom styling sessions. You try on different outfits, and mix and match with various pieces of jewelry. Think of it like a shopping date with your BFF, where you take a bunch of pieces into the dressing room, while your girlfriend gives you constructive and honest feedback. Or maybe busts out laughing. It’s just like that except in your own home, your own clothes and your Bobbi Kahn Jewelry faves.
  • On a more personal note, I still get dressed and put on makeup for my Zoom calls with clients. While it’s tempting to stay in sweats all day, this is an important part of feeling normal, for me. I also try on all of my newly finished pieces, to see how they lay and fit. PJs and a naked face are not good backdrops for my jewelry. 

Maybe you’re feeling disconnected like me, or maybe you’ve adapted and are enjoying the new world order. Or maybe a little of both? Either way, I’d love to invite you to join me for a personal styling session, or to customize your JewelBox. Give it a try! It’s a no-risk way to shop, socialize and have some fun! Connect with me HERE to book your session.

Here’s a little sneak peek at a recent JewelBox experience, LIVE on Facebook!