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Minimal Packing for Maximum Style!

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Let’s face it, your life is jam packed, pretty much all the time. I get it. We’re all running a bazillion different directions, getting things done, crossing items off the list and guzzling caffeine to keep our energy needle on “high”. If you’re anything like me, you have more things on the “to-do” list than you have hours in the day. And just when you think you’ve reached the finish line, (not so fast sister) you remember that 6:00 am flight the next morning that you haven’t packed for. Or that scenic road trip you planned, over the river and through the woods, to visit your girlfriends for the long weekend. Ugh. The very last thing you have time for is overthinking your suitcase contents. So how do you streamline that packing list while still looking amazing, and not sacrificing your personal style (or losing your mind)? Relax friends. I’m gonna share my little secret. Or maybe it’s not so much of a secret, but more like a quick-fix-solution. You’ll look FABulously hip, and you’ll thank me later!

Here’s what I pack (no list required):

1-pair of black pants/leggings

1-black skirt

1-pair of jeans

1 each: black, grey and white top/blouse

1-neutral cardigan or blazer

Black shoes or boots


Matte Grey Buffalo Noodles Necklace from the Water Buffalo Horn Collection

Next, I select 3 of my favorite chunky necklaces. I like to choose pieces that will add a pop of color and visual interest to my neutral backdrop.

For each day on my trip, I can easily, and with minimal thought, put together 9-different outfits. I love the “minimal thought” part by the way. Because by this time I’m done thinking, and just want to enjoy an adult beverage with my besties.

A Musical Medly Necklace from the Water Buffalo Horn Collection

By combining one of the 3 tops, with one of my fantastic necklaces, and either the black leggings, skirt or jeans I can create a fantastic fresh look, and it all fits into one carryon bag. Amazing, right?

Easy Peasy!

Isn't She Lovely Necklace from the Water Buffalo Horn Collection

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