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I did the Park Forest Art Show this weekend.  It's 8 minutes from my house.  And it's a lovely, small show.  I did big shows this summer that were so much harder logistically and so much more expensive and did sold less than this lovely show.  The customers are nice, enthusiastic, appreciative and plentiful enough.  An many of the long time residents still remember my dad, Oscar Peck and his store down the street, Newman Pharmacy.  I won a prize and $150.  The group from Tallgrass Art Association are helpful, present, serve a great dinner, offer water.

Memories are so odd.  I live near this place yet I NEVER ever go there anymore.  No reason to, I guess.  So my first time back to the Plaza was last year for the show.  Things have changed and not for the better. The ride to the show looks like buildings of blight.  The Plaza was once very vibrant though it hasn't been so for many years.  It was the home of Marshall Field's 5th store.  Many of us recalled free delivery in a green Field's truck, lunch from the "Chuck Wagon" and I recall buying my parent's 25th wedding anniversary gift from the Williamsburg Shop.

I wish my dad was around, not to lament how much things have changed (some for better, some for worse) but just because being there makes me think of him and when I do, I remember him being hilarious and kind.  

So I felt joy and melancholy.  I kept trying to imagine being an artist who was not hyper local.  What would I think if I did this show for the first time?  Worried, I imagine!  The Plaza is nearly empty of businesses so the show it the only real draw. I suspect it would take me a few hours to simmer down and just enjoy the ease of the setup, the friendliness and wait for buying to begin.  Year two did not disappoint.  I just hope next year my bigger shows don't perform like a small show!