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On Manifesting Joy Right Now

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I’m not gonna lie. It’s easy to get caught up in the New Year’s Resolution frenzy. I mean, you almost feel like a slug if you’re not trying to weigh less, workout more, worry less or read more. Right? But what is wrong with resolving to love yourself, and your life, right this minute? Hear me out. Whether by upbringing, or societal pressures, we’re bombarded with messages that tell us our lives will be perfect when [fill in the blank]. We're constantly being told the thingamajig we’ve been missing is the key to our future contentment and happiness. Or, we’re encouraged to climb the corporate ladder, or change careers, because then, for sure we’ll be happy. Yet somehow, even when we buy that thingamajig, or get that jobamabob, we’re sated for a minute and then on to the next thing. It’s like a drug… always seeking that next high, and always needing more to get there.

This year, my dear friend invited me to join her in the 21-day Manifesting Challenge. If you received my New Year’s message, you know I committed to live more joyfully. Right NOW. When Michelle brought this manifesting challenge to my attention, I took it as a sign that it would help me with my “joyful 2020” commitment. One of the challenge days had us write a list of all the things we love, right now, about our lives. My list went like this:

1. Herb (my hubby)

2. Making jewelry

3. My dogs

4. A great book

5. An awesome view

6. Being with people I like

7. Having plenty of money

8. Great dance

9. Awesome music

10. Pretty restaurants

11. Nice home and personal space

12. Working out

13. Belonging-Friends

14. Working from home

Suddenly my mind shifted. I got to thinking. Why would I long for something more than what I already have, which clearly is pretty effing amazing, I might add. What could I possibly put on my New Year’s resolution list that could manifest more joy, or make me more content than I am right now?

Lately I’ve heard too many times “when I retire I’m going to [fill in the blank]”. I’m not judging, trust me. I’ve done it too. Sadly, I’ve also heard from too many friends lately that cancer or illness has taken a life way too soon, before they got to that retirement. The phrase “tomorrow is not promised” has never felt more real than right now. I guess you can chalk it up to middle age. Should we live in fear of getting sick? Umm… heck no. That’s not what I’m suggesting. But maybe, while still being responsible, we should practice loving our lives today. Sit quietly with your thoughts for a few minutes, and remember a time when you wished for the very thing or status you have right now. Stay in that moment. Enjoy it. Be thankful and gracious. Love your life, right now.

Manifest that my friends.