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On the Road Again!

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I am so beyond excited as I look at my show calendar and see the dozens of art fairs and festivals I have scheduled for the year ahead! So many of them will take me to new places I can't wait to go. Once the warmer weather arrives, I’ll be hitting the road on a weekly basis with my one-of-a-kind, funky, chunky, fabulously hip bobbi kahn design jewelry! Over the past couple seasons, I’ve been spreading my wings farther from home to reach new art and jewelry lovers. I hope you’ll be among the visitors I’ll be welcoming to my booths - and to the bobbi kahn family I warmly call my "bobbi kahners!"

My booth ready to welcome my "bobbi kahners!"  

If you haven’t already experienced the exciting vibe of an art festival, I encourage you to make plans to check one out! They’re a blast, providing an experience you can't get anywhere else and art to die for. You will see things you didn't know you needed!


A happy shopper trying on bobbi kahn design for herself.


I invite you to catch up with me on the road this show season! Consult my show schedule on my website to see a calendar of my upcoming events. You can also join my email list to receive show details to your inbox.

I’m looking forward to seeing you (for the first time or once again) at my booth where you can meet bobbi kahn design jewelry - and me, its proud designer - in person! Here’s to a funky, chunky, fabulous 2018 bobbi kahn design season!

The video below will give you a taste of what you'll see at an art fair. It demonstrates another bonus of these events: the ability to talk to the artists themselves to gain perspective into the inspiration behind the art: