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Pearl Statement Necklace

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I have some of the greatest conversations with customers in my booth at art shows. I am often asked about what to wear with my chunky pearl necklaces and other handmade statement jewelry. I am in my 12th year of doing shows and I have seen a lot of women wearing my jewelry.  
I'm modeling  Freshwater Pearl and 18k over Copper  with  Long Freshwater Pearl and 18k Gold over Copper

What I know is that there is no right way to wear jewelry. And there is no right jewelry to wear. The women who wear bobbi kahn jewelry best are the women who love to make a statement. They light up the room with bold personality in their dress, communication and jewelry choices. Body size doesn't matter when it comes to wearing my statement jewelry. I promise this!!!! What matters is how you feel in the jewelry you wear. 

I love layering jewelry. If one bracelet is pretty, then layering 5 bracelets is 5 times prettier. So when I wear freshwater pearl bracelets, I wear a combination of pearl and silver, silver bracelets and two-toned bracelets. I also think layering old and new is a great way to give your pieces a new look. I have a long pearl necklace from my mom that has lapis lazuli beads. I will wear this piece with a modern and bold lapis necklace from my one of a kind collection and a pair of jeans.

A long pearl necklace, from either the Chunky Pearl Jewelry collection or the Gold and Pearl Jewelry collection, is so versatile. You can wear it long or double it and layer in a second or third piece for added interest. I love wearing Freshwater Pearl and 18k over Copper and Long Freshwater Pearl and 18k Gold over Copper together as seen in this image. And often I wear the long pearl necklace doubled.


Ever wonder where pearls come from? Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about Freshwater pearls in this blog post.

What earrings should I wear? To match or not to match? I go back to this: you should wear what ever you feel best in. Matching is not my personal preference.  When I wear a large statement necklace I prefer my earrings to be understated. A simple pair of diamond studs or something small that coordinates but doesn't match. Just because this is my preference doesn't make it right, but it is right for me. On the other hand, one of my customers tells me that she needs a coordinating set of bobbi kahn jewelry to complement her busy executive lifestyle. She keeps each her matching sets of jewelry in the brown organza bag it comes in. When she travels for work, each bag goes with an outfit as she packs for her trip. BAM! Always good to go.


chunky pearl jewelry collection


Confidence is contagious. You must wear the clothes and jewelry that makes you feel your very best bold self. I am always here for a personal consultation. That's one of the many perks of being an exclusive "bobbi kahn-er." (All you need to do is join my mailing list and you're in!) Do you have an outfit that you need a customer piece created just for you? That's my favorite way to create. Let's discuss what I can do for you exclusively.

Let's keep it funky, chunky and fabulously hip at!