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Pearls in Politics

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At some point, I can’t recall the exact moment, my focus during this election shifted away from poll numbers and predictions, to pearls. If you know me, you’re not at all surprised by this. I’m easily distracted by shiny objects, especially jewelry. Can you blame me? Pearls are timeless, classic and versatile, and I believe there’s a style of pearl jewelry for everyone.

Conservative or liberal, classic or edgy, you can find a pearl that matches your style and personality. Are you into the meaning of the pearls? Then high five Sister, because pearls symbolize incorruptibility, grit, and purity, all timely and relevant themes for women and young girls. Or, maybe you’re simply in love with the elegance and classic beauty of pearls. One thing is undeniable though, pearls have been a popular choice for many women in politics and the public eye.


Kamala Harris’ fondness for pearls goes all the way back to her college days, at Howard University, where she was a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) sorority. Each new member of the sorority was given a special badge, decorated with 20-pearls, to honor their founding members, known as “Twenty Pearls”. Today, Vice President-elect Harris, leans towards a more modern pearl necklace, which suits her unique style.

In a recent article in Vanity Fair magazine, Glenda Glover, president of AKA, said, “Pearls represent refinement and wisdom. We train young ladies to be leaders and to make sure they have the wisdom to lead.” How appropriate for our future VP.


One could argue that Stacey Abrams, former Georgia State House Democratic leader, has been dressing for the win all along. She recently joined CNN’s Jake Tapper on The State of the Union, wearing a single, beautiful strand of thumbnail pearls, stating that minority women “can be the leaders.” And her election-night blue dress, hinted at victory, not simply because of the color, but because she appeared comfortable, and confident.  

Over the years, Michelle Obama has shown us both sides of the pearl flippers coin. When appropriate, she chose a more traditional, 2-strand style, a la Jackie Kennedy. But as we’ve witnessed, the former first lady was not shy about showing her own style, and often wore colored pearls with a dozen or more strands, clustered beautifully at her neckline.


Amy Coney Barrett, leans toward a more grandmother-esque single-strand. Is this simply her style preference? Perhaps, and that’s okay. Or, knowing full well how brutal the paparazzi and style critics can be, maybe her choice to go conservative is about more than just her morals, but also about dangling less bait for scrutiny and fodder by the media.


Here’s the good news. We’ve protected our right to freedom of choice. In a year with unprecedented political turmoil, polarization and patriotic upheaval, we can all rest easy knowing that we don’t have to take sides when it comes to our personal style. Funky and progressive or classic and conservative, the choice will always be ours, and no one can take that away. We can even change our minds tomorrow, or the next day, if we so choose, and it doesn’t get any better than that. Pearls for the WIN my friends!

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