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I define myself as a fiscal conservative and a social policy liberal.  So I align most with Bernie Sanders right now.  I decided that in order to engage in the Republican race, I needed to come up with a game or contest.  So for $5, you can play too.  I get your secret vote for who you think will win the republican nomination.  You have to submit your pick by 11/3/15.  That's a full year before the actual election.  This game makes it fun for me to watch things like the CNN debate and engage in other things that are a part of this process.  I do not always vote democrat, but I wonder about the affect of having a one party rule for at least two years.  Regardless of the party, that seems like a bad idea.

So I watch the debate last night so I can start to better form my opinion on the candidates.  I felt that Fiorina won.  She was sharp and knowledgeable.  At the bottom was Paul, Kasich, Huckabee, Cruz, Carson, Walker and Trump.  Trump is just silly.  Carson is lovely but without passion.  He was way too relaxed for my taste.  The others aren't worth discussing.

That makes the winners Fiorina and Rubio in my book.  Christie did well, I thought and I'd like to see more of him.  Folks like Jeb, I guess.  I don't.  

So we'll see.  Let me know if you want in on the game.  At this point, I have no intention of voting for any of these people.  I'm just trying to stay engaged.  I think on the democrat side there is still a player to be named.  I hope so.