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Should I blog?

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I'm not really sure what to say that would interest you and yet, I think this whole business is so interesting that Herb and I talked about pitching it as a reality show.  Let's start with the premise.  The show would be 30 minutes and would involve the drama of the moment.  For example, a few weeks ago the art show I participated in was Lakefront Festival benefiting Lubeznik Center for the Arts in Michigan City, IN.  I arrived on Saturday morning and saw tents strewn all over the place.  There had clearly been a terrible storm the night before.  That could have made for some serious drama on my reality show.  Imagine showing up to your booth the next morning and finding it completely destroyed.  What do you do?  Try and get another tent and set it up?  What if you left your work inside and it is demolished. How do you recover and get ready for the two days of selling now?

For me there were two elements of note.  One was the horrific heat.  This summer has been pretty temperate, but the thermometer read well over 90 during these two days.  It's hard to sell fashion when you literally have sweat dripping off the end of your nose (please use your Roseanne Rosannadana voice). 

The other event was winning second place!   I got a lovely ribbon and $150!  My tent was full of people.  And I never win so I don't even pay attention to announcements.  But this time I heard my name.  It was thrilling.  

Blogging is fun.  I'll try and do more of it.  I'll get more interesting as time goes on, I suspect.