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How can I find out more about a piece before I purchase?

I will gladly answer any questions you may have about my jewelry designs! Reach out to me through my contact form and I'll make every effort to help you feel confident the piece is everything you expect before you purchase.

What if for some reason I’m dissatisfied with my purchase from bobbi kahn design jewelry?

If this should happen, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Your satisfaction is my top priority! As my customer, I want you to be thrilled with your shopping experience and the jewelry you purchased from me. I will happily exchange your purchase for a different item, or make a length adjustment so your piece fits you perfectly.


Does my purchase arrive in a giftable box?


Why, yes, it does! Every purchase comes packaged in my beautiful, signature box, ready for stylish gifting or for storing bobbi kahn design jewelry!

What additional services do you provide?

I’m so glad you asked! In addition to designing funky, chunky, fabulously chic statement jewelry from elements I’ve discovered in the world or created myself, I provide:

Redesigning - Have you got a drawer full of jewelry you’re “over” and don’t wear any more? Did you inherit jewelry that just isn’t “you?” I’d love to repurpose your existing pieces into new jewelry that fits the current version of you and your lifestyle.

Repair - Don’t let a broken piece languish in your jewelry box! Bring her back to Mama and I’ll fix your necklace, bracelet or earring good as new. bobbi kahn design jewelry is made to be worn!

Personal consultation - Not certain what goes with what? I’d be thrilled to help you match the perfect piece to your outfit to fashionably polish your look.