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Fabulously Chic, One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Designs

bobbi kahn design is a labor of love. It’s love for the stones, for the clasps, love for the thrill of creation, for adding something fabulous to make an outfit, for working with customers at shows and for making you as happy wearing a bobbi kahn design item, as I am creating it.

Barb Peck Mason - designer



Shop for bobbi kahn design necklaces

Shop for bobbi kahn design necklaces

Wearing a bobbi kahn design necklace is a fashionable experience! My creations are bold and beautiful; crafted from a wide array of materials sourced from all over the world and combined in unique and intriguing ways.


shop for bobbi kahn design bracelets

shop for bobbi kahn design bracelets

A bobbi kahn bracelet wraps your wrist in fashion! Crafted from a diverse array of elements sourced from all over the world, my bracelets are truly unique works of wearable art. My clasps do more than connect the bracelet - they make a statement all their own!


shop for bobbi kahn design earrings

shop for bobbi kahn design earrings

My earring creations are available only by in-person sales – one-on-one, at my booth display at numerous events throughout the year and at jewelry parties.I will gladly custom create a pair to your specifications – just for you!


bobbi kahn design because…  

  • diverse materials from around the world

  • fashion-forward flair

  • personal, attentive service

  • dedication to your satisfaction

  • high-quality materials

  • meticulous craftsmanship

  • one-of-a-kind jewelry designs

  • unique artistic style

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